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Bike pod poster competition won by 5 year-old Samuel

Bike pod poster competition won by 5 year-old Samuel

Oct 2022

Congratulations to Samuel Ashworth aged 5 on winning our bike hub poster competition.  It features a bicycle, a train track and some trees.  Samuel’s family won a 12 month Family and Friends Railcard which entitles up to four adults and four children to a one-third discount on all Off Peak travel.  The posters can now be seen at Longport, Longton and Blythe Bridge Stations

Alexa Stott, Community Rail Ambassador, East Midlands Railways, said: “We particularly want to encourage active travel to and from our stations in order to give passengers greener options. Secure cycle storage is available at nearly all of the stations across our network.”

A small boy displaying his artwork at the side of the railway

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Posted by Claire Sandys


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