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Partnership with Intuition School

Partnership with Intuition School

Jul 2022

Intuition School is a small independent special school in Longton catering for young people aged 11 – 16.  Their pupils have designed two beautiful posters for Longton Station, currently on display.

In spring 2021 some of the older pupils, considering travelling to college in the autumn, took part in travel training with N Staffs CRP.  They were shown around Longton Station then travelled to Stoke and walked to Stoke-on-Trent College through the beautiful Hanley Park.  A few weeks later they travelled to Stafford Station which involved changing trains at Stoke.  Lots to learn about: how to change trains, where the toilets are, who to ask if stuck, how to use a ticket machine, how to stay safe, how to use a ticket barrier.

Picture showing a group of people waiting at Longton train station.

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Posted by Claire Sandys


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