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Partial reinstatement of the Crewe – Stoke – Derby hourly service

Partial reinstatement of the Crewe – Stoke – Derby hourly service

Dec 2023

In the December 2023 timetable change we were delighted to see a partial reinstatement of the hourly service between Crewe and Derby. This was thanks to a joint campaign with East Midlands Railway, aided by local MPs. We welcomed back five services per day to our stations on weekdays only. Claire interviewed passengers on the reinstated trains during a couple of days in December and January to find out their response.

They were overwhelmingly positive about the additional trains. Here is a sample of their responses:

  • Delighted! (2 people) Journey only made possible using this reinstated train. Next one (d. Utt 0810) usually late and misses connection to Glasgow. (on 0744 from Derby)
  • Passenger can now take her son to school before taking a later train – no need to pay for child care. He is happier – much less stressful for them both. She also benefits from extra pm train. Driving takes about an hour each way! (on 1646 from Derby)
  • Three Derby College students. Delighted at new service as they were hanging around for an hour for next departure from Derby. (on 1646 from Derby)
  • Passenger used to wait for 1910 from Crewe. “The reinstated 1810 is a godsend to me.” It means he can stay at meetings later. (on 1810 from Crewe)

There are still six trains missing from the Saturday timetable and two from the Mon – Friday timetable. The campaign continues in its goal to have the full reinstatement of the hourly service.

Image showing the main entrance and sign of Crewe Station
Posted by Claire Sandys


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