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Blythe Bridge – Heritage Railway & Village

2 Miles (3.2km)
Approximately 2 hours
Blythe Bridge is a Staffordshire village built around the site of a stone bridge over the River Blithe (slept differently from the name of the river).
Road side walk (pavements not always available). Suitable for wheelchair users with care.

Walk Directions

From the station turn right and follow the route along Uttoxeter Road.
Cross over Uttoxeter Road at a safe point, making your way to the junction of Uttoxeter Road and Cheadle Road. Turn left along Cheadle Road.
Take time to look at the War Memorial and St. Peter's Church, then continue along Cheadle Road.
Follow the route walking along Cheadle Road and take a left turn along Caverswall Old Road.
Continue your walk along Caverswall Old Road. Heath House Farm is located on your right. Shortly after that you will reach the junction of Caverswall Old Road, Blythe Bridge Road and Caverswall Road. Pedestrians take care!
Turn right to visit Foxfield Light Railway (with limited opening hours). To continue the route you need to retrace your path along Blythe Bridge Road.
At the junction follow Caverswall Road to return to Blythe Bridge Station. (Take care whilst crossing the busy road.)

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