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Longton – The Twenty Bottle Kilns

1.7 Miles (2.72km)
Approximately 1 hours
Longton is the southernmost of Stoke-on-Trent’s six towns and its second busiest shopping location. It also boasts the greatest numbers of the city’s iconic bottle kilns.
Pavements. Mostly suitable for wheelchair access; better options indicated in places on map.

Walk Directions

Exit the station on the Platform 2/Baths Road side. Cross Baths Road at the pedestrian crossing. Continue straight down The Strand keeping Longton Market on your left.
Opposite the Methodist Central Hall turn left into the Exchange Shopping Centre.
In the middle of the Exchange turn right, then take the walk way across the car park. Walk down the right hand side of B&M Home Store, then straight on down a short path, emerging onto Commerce Street.
At the end of Sutherland Road turn left, then soon right, onto Market Street. Keep to the right.

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