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Stoke to Longport – The Heart of the Potteries

6 Miles (9.6km)
Approximately 3 hours
Pavements and canal towpath. Limited wheelchair access due to steep canal bridges. Westport Lake is fully accessible.

Walk Directions

Turn right out of the front entrance of Stoke-on-Trent Station. Turn right again to go under a low bridge. You'll soon see the Trent & Mersey Canal below you. Take steps down on your right (or ramp via Wharf Place on your left) to join it. Turn left along the towpath.
After about 30 minutes, at the junction with the Caldon Canal, continue straight on.
After 15 minutes you arrive at Festival Park Marina. Ignore the road bridge and cross the black footbridge further along to join the right hand towpath.
After 5 minutes cross the next bridge to re-join the left hand towpath.
About 30-40 minutes later you will pass Middleport Park a play area on your right. After that: a) turn right across canal bridge 125 to visit the historic Middleport Pottery OR b) continue the towpath for arrive 20-30 minutes to arrive at Westport Lake.
Walk around the lake.
Retrace your steps back along the canal, leaving at Canal Street just before bridge 126. At the main road turn right.
Before the pedestrian crossing turn right down Station Street. You'll see Longport Station at the end.

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