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Alsager – A dementia friendly walk

1 Miles (1.6km)
This route is wheelchair friendly and takes in the peaceful beauty spots of Milton Park and Alsager Mere. In the town centre look out for shops and cafes with the dementia friendly logo in the window.
Pavements and well surfaced paths.

Walk Directions

As you exit Alsager Station turn right onto Sandbach Road South, passing Cedars Medical Centre on your left.
Turn left into Station Road.
Crossing over Brookhouse Road, continue on. with Milton Park on your right. Cross the road when you can.
Enter Milton Park at the gate entrance. if you have a picnic you can sit on one of the many benches around the park.
Take a look at the Sunken Garden, it is one of the original features of Milton Park. The original design was influenced by nearby Biddulph Grange Gardens.
Exit the Park and turn left along Crewe Road until you see the entrance to The B'hoys Gardens on the opposite side of the road.
These gardens lead down to The Mere.
Exit the gardens, turning left towards the town centre.
At the cross roads, cross over Sandbach Road North using the pedestrian crossing. You can reset here on the Civic Green benches.
To return to the station cross over Lawton Road, using one of the pedestrian crossings, then walk back to the cross roads.
Turn left down Sandbach Road South and walk for about 10 minutes.

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