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Derby – Derby to Darley Abbey

5 Miles (8km)
This route is fully accessible for wheelchair users

Walk Directions

Turn right out of Derby Midland Station's main entrance. Walk down Railway Terrace on the right hand side, past the Brunswick Inn.
Bear right on a footpath under the flyover, to the River Derwent. Turn left and follow Riverside path (signed) until Exeter Bridge with its impressive lanterns.
On Exeter Bridge turn left, then cross the road and walk into Market Place with the Guild Hall on your left.
At the end of Market Place turn right and follow Iron Gate (ancient thoroughfare) through the Cathedral Quarter, passing the Cathedral on your right. Cross Full Street into Queen Street. Continue to St Mary's RC Church crossing the ring road using a footbridge.
After the footbridge, turn right and follow the foot path down to the river between houses and the ring road. Turn left and follow Riverside path. Pass under Handyside Bridge and alongside Rowing Club (to right) into Darley Park.
At bridge over stream, turn left over boarded section to reach playground and car park. Optional: at far end of playground take paths uphill (5 mins) to Darley Park Tea Room and toilets.
Continue through car park, turning right into Darley Abbey village. Take the path through Mill View Gardens. Darley Abbey was an Augustinian monastery built in the 12th century and dissolved in 1538. All that remains now is the Abbey Pub and part of a dwelling in Abbey Lane.
Cross Toll Bridge and follow road through Darley Mills.
Once out of the village, take the first right turn and walk down Folly Road to a footbridge.
Cross the footbridge and follow the avenue of trees to Flood Gates (black metal gates in prominent brick walls).
Immediately prior to the Flood Gates, turn right and go back to the river.
Take the left hand riverside path to Handyside Bridge to cross the river. Then turn left to follow the Riverside path once more.
Pass under ornamental bridge and ring road to the Silk Mill (Museum of Making) then follow river path to Exeter Bridge. Retrace your steps to Derby Midland Station.

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